Our Story

Inspired by my son's stay in the NICU I created Gamma Kids, a brand of 100% organic cotton onesies and caps designed for micro-preemie (up to 4 lbs) and preemie (4-6 lbs) babies, with a strong desire to be of service to other families with babies in the NICU.  

My journey as a NICU mom started in October 2019 when my son Valentino was born 10 weeks early. At week 27 of gestation, I began having complications with an otherwise normal pregnancy. I delivered my son 3 weeks later and began my journey into motherhood and our son started his Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) stay within minutes of being born.

During my son’s 50 days NICU stay I realized that, from day one, all decisions about my son were taken by the medical team, including when to hold him or touch him. The one thing that I could do for my son, which was not dictated by the medical team, was to clothe him. I found shopping for him very stressful, the premature garments that I did find were either not designed for long hospital stays or still too large for him. Which meant we were stuck clothing him in 0-3 month shirts that made him look disheveled, or with clothing that needed to be cut or put on my son only in the top portion of his body. 

The turning point was Valentino's first holiday, Halloween 2019. It broke my heart that after hours of looking online I was unsuccessful to find him a cute Halloween outfit for him to wear. This incident lit the spark that ignited, and continues to do so,  my passion to create Gamma Kids.

At Gamma Kids we create garments that are appropriate for the NICU setting and can be worn easily by the babies, and are easy for both the medical team and parents to put on. I have created a product with 100% GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certified Organic Cotton, with fun, colorful and unique prints that will bring light and color to families in the NICU.

You're loved.


- Gabrielle Cols Azocar

Owner and Founder of Gamma Kids


My son just turned 3. And in this picture we are having fun making some hot cocoa.
My son just turned 3.
In this picture we are having fun making some hot cocoa.